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If you are a business owner, you may think that it takes the same set of skills to fix your washing machine at home, the dishwasher or maybe the stove as it is to fix a stove or freezer at a restaurant or a washer and dryer at a Laundromat facility.  But the truth is it actually isn’t.  While these home appliances function similarly to business or commercial appliances, commercial and residential units many times differ in some key functions.  Now there are some appliance repair companies that actually fix both commercial appliances as well as home appliances, but it is important to note that not all repairmen are qualified and licensed to work on both.

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When a commercial unit or food service equipment breaks, it is even a greater cause of inconvenience and frustration, as these units are even more expensive compared to home appliances and when they break down it means that particular business is losing money.  This is why if you run a business and one of your appliances needs fixing, you should not trust the repair to be done by just any technician who may in fact be under qualified.  Make sure that you do some thorough research both online by looking at different company’s websites and then interviewing them over the phone to see how much experience they have fixed your particular appliance and in particular repairing your specific brand and model.


Commercial Dishwasher Repair

Commercial dishwashers are heavy duty appliances, as they have to be able to run constantly throughout the day and wash a larger amount of dishes and utensils when compared to a residential unit that may only be used once per week.  A restaurant or hotel will need a constant flow of dishes that are clean for breakfast lunch and dinner that can be used throughout the day.  Industrial dishwashers are also created to finish a wash cycle in much less time than a residential unit as well as it must be able to do a better job of sterilization by using much higher heat both for washing and drying.  This is why you need to find a dishwasher repairman that is familiar with working with these commercial settings.  Another concern that establishments have, is that their appliances have to be able to meet the code requirements of their local health agencies.

Stove and Oven Repair

A busy restaurant will have to prepare hundreds of different meals each day, so that means their ranges, stoves and ovens must stay in good working condition to keep up with the demands of preparing a large amount of food and serving each customer with properly cooked meals.  Unlike residential units, commercial appliances are designed to handle large volumes in a fast efficient manner with no emphasis on style.  So the manufacturers completely disregard design and instead focus solely on building these units to function as efficiently as possible by getting hotter faster.  When it comes to industrial units it’s hard to find one that is self-cleaning.  These commercial kitchen appliances also use a lot more electricity or gas to work efficiently, in saying that you will need to find a technician that understands these energy needs for each unit.  And just like we mentioned with the dishwasher repair, you need to find an oven repairman that can make sure that your appliances meet all the local health codes.

While there are many electronic devices that can be found in both home and businesses, such as clothes dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, stoves and ovens, you will also find water heaters, garbage disposals, ice makers and refrigerators.  While they may have some similarities, many of these units differ with the settings and intended use that they were installed for.  So don’t just pick the first repair company that you find advertising in the local paper that they can fix all major brands and models, you need to specifically ask if they are qualified to work on your particular brand and model appliance.

A good commercial appliance repair company will understand the importance of not just fixing your broken appliance but also knows the importance of fixing it right and quickly on the first service call, as each minute it is not working it is costing your business money.  Contact our service department today.



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