Paradise Cove In Pembroke Pines FL

The Paradise Cove is the largest aquatic amusement park of Broward County Parks and Recreation. They also offer swimming lessons from June through August. The park has several slides and pools that offer entertainment to people of all ages. Some of the slides you should check out when you visit the park includes:

Paradise Pipeline

This is a 4 five-story-tall waterslide, which enables you to experience corkscrew water rides that exit into a 4 foot deep plunge pool. These wide body slides are up to 430 feet long. Water gashes through these slides at 400 gallons per minute. This allows you to move the slides smoothly and swiftly. To enjoy this ride, you must weigh less than 250 pounds and must be at least 42-inch tall.

Sharky’s Lagoon

The sharky’s Lagoo is a water playground for people of all ages. It features an 11/2 feet deep pool that includes several interactive play elements. It also includes 3 waterslides which are up to 125 feet long.

Parrot’s Point

This water playground is ideal for ages 5 years and younger. It features a foot deep pool, two small waterslides, and several interactive play elements.

Crazy Creek

The crazy creek is a 410 foot long tube with several interactive elements in the tube.


If you are looking for equipments that help you relax in the park, you could hire Funbrellas. These 20-foot-diameter umbrellas come with trash cans and picnic tables. Limited quantities of Funbrellas are available at the park, so make sure you book yours in advance.

The fee you pay to enter the park varies depending on the age of the person and the time you spend inside the park. Obviously, whole day pass for adults is the most expensive. If you enter the park after 3 p.m., you have to spend less. Season passes are also available for those who plan to visit the park several times.

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