Butterfly World In Coconut Creek FL

Butterfly World is the world’s first and largest park of its kind that has been open since March 28, 1988. The park is located at Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, Florida. It houses as many as 5000 live butterflies which are mostly exotic, so visitors will see a variety of butterflies from other countries around the world instead of those from the US which they may have already seen before. It’s like a spiritual place guaranteed to make every visitor to enjoy the experience it has to offer.

The park is stunningly beautiful with different colorful flowers and butterflies. The butterflies simply create amazing scenes as they fly around the place. You wouldn’t take a few steps before a butterfly lands on you. It’s the perfect location to take a walk and connect with nature or take your family to enjoy an experience of its kind. Kids will learn a lot there especially everything they might need to know about the different stages of the lifecycle from eggs to mature butterflies. The park has a laboratory where they put the lifecycle on display. They have also expanded to include free flight hummingbird aviary.

Butterfly World is the result of one man’s hobby gone wild.

Born of Dutch immigrants, Ronald Boender grew up in Illinois and had always had a fascination with butterflies, beginning with the cabbage whites, black swallowtails and silk moths he found while growing up on his father’s farm.

He moved to Florida in 1968, and after retiring from a successful career as an electrical engineer, he decided to actively pursue his interest in butterflies, beginning by raising local butterflies and butterfly food plants in small numbers at his home.

When he learned there was a market for “farmed” butterflies for sale to Universities and Zoos, Boender established MetaScience Co., a commercial butterfly farm, in 1984. The staff at MetaScience produced up to 1000 butterfly pupa per week, and established methods of butterfly rearing that are still in use at Butterfly World…Click here to read the rest of the story.


Passiflora Society International was established at Butterfly World to encourage research on and help share information about passion flowers, which are the source of food for many butterflies. Butterfly World has also helped establish the Boender Endangered Species Laboratory at the University of Florida, which is helping reintroduce the Schaus swallowtail to Southern Florida…Click here to read the rest of the story

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