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Are you having trouble with your washing machine?  If your washer does not fill or  is broken, that can definitely be a big headache for front loading washer both you and your family, as in some cases you might have to gather up all the dirty laundry in your household and then take them to the closest laundry mat which has its own questions of cleanliness, safety of your clothes if you leave them to wash and dry until you get back or you could possibly spend your valuable time hand washing your laundry in the kitchen sink.

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Troubleshoot your washer before calling a repairman. If your washer is not heating up the water and is hanging on for its dear life,you may be considering rushing out and purchasing a new washer instead of fixing it. Most homeowners don’t realize how inexpensive it is to hire an appliance repairman to fix a washing machine instead of purchasing.  Purchasing a new washer has its own share of disadvantages and can prove to be more expensive, especially when you factor in the time it will take you to research the many different features and then scheduling delivery, which can take a few days, not to mention there is a charge for delivery and in some cases another fee for installation, so with all that considered the convenience typically associated with a new machine seems to be lost.  That is why if you are considering purchasing a new unit versus repairing and you want to save time and money then washing machine repair will be your best option.

Most washing machine repairs are pretty simple, so in a lot of the cases you can actually do them yourself and then there are other problems that will need to be handled by an expert appliance repair company.  So at this point you may be wondering how to differentiate between the jobs that you can do yourself and the ones that you should hire a professional appliance repair technician?  To answer this question, let us look at the most typical washer problems and break it down from there.

Leaking Units

If your washing machine is leaking, it is normally for a home owner to start panicking and rightfully so.  As the combination of electrical wiring, soap, digital panels and water can cause a major electrical problem, not to mention possible flood damage in your home.  When a washer starts leaking it can quickly lead to a water damage disaster to your floors, carpeting, walls and furniture.  But any appliance repairman will tell you that most washer leaks are inexpensive and pretty easy to fix.

If you are going to attempt to fix the washing machine yourself, then the first thing you want to do is keep safety at the top of your mind and unplug the machine.  The next thing you will want to do is to check the gaskets and seals around the washer door for any signs of wear and tear, especially if you have a front loading machine.  If there is water leaking from the front of the unit while it is closed properly then more than likely you will need to replace the door gasket.  Now don’t just call the repairman just yet, as many gaskets are easily replaceable by average home owners, just make sure to find the correct part number, which can be found online or in the repair manual of your washing machine.

Now if the door gaskets and seals appear to be in good condition, then check the water inlet hoses located towards the back of the machine to see if the leak is coming from either underneath or from the back of the machine.  Sometimes these hoses will become loose over time, so if water is leaking from the hoses try and tighten them first, both on the pipes in the wall and on the machine and tighten both hot and cold connections regardless if only one is leaking.  If the hoses are still leaking after you tighten them, then you probably just need new hoses, again refer to your washing machine repair manual to get the right hoses, but in many cases all washer hoses are standard.  Now if all those checks still don’t fix the problem, then the machine could be overfilling because of a faulty water level sensor.  If you believe that the sensor is bad, then we would recommend that you hire a professional to diagnose and fix the problem at this point, due to the complexity of electrical components.

Excessively Loud

Is your washer thumping and rattling and sounds like a jet engine ready to take off?  Or maybe it is dancing around your laundry room?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the most common cause of such problems is normally caused by an unbalanced washer drum.  We typically see this problem when kids are doing the laundry as they don’t evenly distribute the weight of the clothes throughout the washer’s tub or the other cause of this problem is that the unit is not leveled with the floor of your laundry room.  When the washer is off you can rock it gently side to side to test the balance, if the level is off then you can simply adjust the legs located on the bottom of the unit.  You will want to have your machine as close to the laundry room floor as possible.  Another option to keep the machine in one place is to put a small section of carpet that has a rubber backing under the legs of the unit, this will also help to keep the noise to a minimum.

If the motor mount or drum is loose, then this can cause a very loud banging noise while your machine is running.  Now it can be somewhat difficult to access the bolts for the motor mount and the drum, but once you get to them it will be relatively easy to tighten these bolts.  The location of the motor mount is right under the tub of the unit, this is a job for at least 2 people because with some units you will have to lean the washer to one side, while someone else is supporting the mount simultaneously to gain access to it.  If this sound complicated and would be more of a headache for you, then it would probably be a good time to call your local washing machine repair specialist to help.  If your issue is not resolved by these small adjustments, then you may need to just replace the motor.  But contact a local appliance repair shop to get a professional diagnosis.

Spin Failure

If you check your machine after a wash cycle and you realize that your laundry is soaking wet, which is typically caused if the unit is not spinning, then there could be several numbers of issues that could cause such problem.  Remember the first thing you will want to do with all washing machine repairs, is to first unplug your machine before you start diagnosing the problem.  In this case, we will first want to check the belts located at the back of the unit as this could be the easy fix for this particular situation.  As the belts could be getting stuck to other components of the washer, which could stop the unit from spinning efficiently.  Also as time goes by the belt could get worn out and will need to be replaced, this job could definitely be considered a do it yourself type job.  If the belts don’t appear to be the problem as they look in place and are freely moving, then the next thing to check is for a faulty lid switch.  To find the lid switch you will want to look towards the top or the front of the washer by the door.  To test if the lid switch is indeed working properly, you will want to hold the door open while pressing on the switch with a pen or small object.  If the unit appears to be spinning normally then the plunger and the lid switch are not making a good contact and should probably be replaced.  This can be a simple fix, but remember to check with your appliance repair manual to get the correct part numbers and instructions for removing and installation.  There are several other issues that could be causing your unit not to spin, which include a faulty clutch, bad motor mounting plate that needs to be replaced or possibly adjusted and a motor coupling that is worn out.  Fixing these other issues will require a deep understanding of the inner workings of a washing machine and also will be a lot of work to diagnose and fix.  So our recommendation would be for you to hire a professional and experienced home appliance repair company.

While there are some washing machine repair projects that if done by the homeowner could save you money and time versus buying a new machine, there and some projects that will require you to hire an appliance repair technician.  Your washer consists of many intricate parts and if you are not 100% sure about what you are doing, then you can cause even more damage by making the problem worse or even creating new problems.  Especially if the washer repair has to do with electrical work, it’s best to leave those jobs to the pros.

If you search online or go to your local library you can find tons of resources to help you with many do it yourself projects, which include washing machine and dryer repair instructional videos and a repair manual.  But if you have any doubts in your ability to fix the problem on your own, then find a washing machine repairman to give you peace of mind that the job is being completed safely and properly.

Here is a list of some of the major brand washing machines that we service including commercial washer repair:

Maytag, Whirlpool, LG, GE, Kenmore, Frigidaire, Amana, Hotpoint, Roper, Admiral, Fisher Pascal.

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