How To Repair A Noisy Dishwasher?

Listening to a noisy dishwasher may not only irritate you, but can also become quite annoying to deal with. In case your dishwasher has all of a sudden started to make some unusual noises, then there could be several causes as to why. Some of the common causes include a broken water inlet valve, a worn pump, worn motor or blades and many others. Understanding how to fix the noisy dishwasher might require you to replace some of these home appliance parts. However, you can hire a professional service technician to fix your dishwasher if you are uncertain about how to fix it yourself.

Easy fixes

Before you accurately fix a noisy dishwasher, first you have to identify the source of the noise. The following are some of the parts you will want to check.

dishwwasher motor

Check the motor and the mounts – In case the motor isn’t properly mounted, it will actually rock back and forth, which will cause much noise every time your dishwasher runs. It should be properly mounted to stop producing the noise.

Wash arm bearing ring and spray arm seal – The cause of the noise for your dishwasher could be the wash arm seal or the bearing ring. They are made of plastic rings and support the wash arm or the spray arm which the arms rotate on. These parts could be loose or even worn out and as a result, they are causing the noise. Just inspect them and replace if necessary.

dishwasher wash arm bearing ring

Check the inlet filter screens for any damage – In case the inlet filter screen is damaged, remove it and replace it with a brand new one.

These are some of the ways on how to troubleshoot a noisy dishwasher.

However, if basic troubleshooting does not quiet the dishwasher from growling, you can contact the manufacturer of the appliance or even hire an authorized repair company who specializes in repairing your dishwasher’s specific brand.

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