Why Is My Dishwasher Not Cleaning My Dishes Properly?

Is this question going on in your mind right now? If it is, then you should try to determine what the problem is.

Is Your Spray Arm The Problem?

How strong is the stream of hot water and detergent within your dishwasher?

The spray arm is usually responsible for spraying water and detergent onto the dishes. If the arm’s movement is blocked in any way, your dishes will not get clean. Check for clogging caused by debris, accumulated food particles and broken pieces of the dishes. You also need to check the spray arm for worn out parts like the bearing ring, as it may affect the spraying pattern.

Is The Upper Discharge Housing Gasket The Problem?

dishwasher upper discharge housing gasket

Does the spray arm of your dishwasher produce a water stream at a low pressure? This is important as the low pressure will affect the quality of cleaning.

Check your upper discharge housing gasket located above the circulation impeller. It may have loose parts, which need tightening, or worn out parts that need replacing. Remove any debris while you are at it.

Are your pump impellers damaged?

If your pump impellers are damaged, they will affect the pressure applied against the spray arm or the drainage. Check them and replace the damaged fins or hub where necessary.

dishwasher impeller kit

Are your filters clogged or worn out?

Filters help ensure that the wash water stays clean. If they are worn out or clogged, they will require either replacement or cleaning to ensure the dishwasher functions efficiently.

How is your detergent dispenser?

If your detergent dispenser is clogged, it will prevent the new detergent from working properly. Clean it first. Alternatively, if you do not put in enough high quality detergent, the dishes will not get clean. So make sure that if you notice a problem with your dishwasher, that you change the detergent and put enough of it.

Is your docking station okay?

The docking station, if not connected properly to the water supply will prevent the dishwasher from working as it should. Replace any damaged plastic pieces and secure the flappers if they are loose.

Is your heating element working?

If your water is not hot enough, your dishes may remain dirty. Check your heating element with a multi-meter to see whether it works. Replace it if necessary.

Is your food chopper not working?

A damaged food chopper will cause food particles to remain in the water during a cleaning cycle. If the food particles can be seen in your drainage, it may be time to replace the food chopper.

Are your water supply components working?

If the water inlet valve is damaged, it will not allow for the right levels of water to come into the dishwasher. If the water delivery tube is blocked or damaged, water may not come into the dishwasher. If the water supply components are not functioning, you may have to either unblock or replace them for your dishwasher to work properly.

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