Do You Need To Fix A Noisy Dryer?

There are many reasons that could lead a dryer to make strange noises. But identifying the key cause is the main issue.

Drive Belt

One of the reasons could be that the drive belt is damaged. When It is damaged, it makes noise every time it moves around the pulleys. Usually, drive belts are long and narrow.

Clothes Dryer Drive Belt

Drum Sliders or Drum Glides

Dryers have drum glides or sliders that are located towards the front of the drum. As time goes by, they wear out and get damaged. As a result, they cause the dryer to make noises. Therefore, you are required to replace them if they are worn out.

Drum Bearings

Drum support bearing, which is usually located at the back of the drum, can cause the machine to make noises if they are damaged. For this reason, check the bearing. If it is worn out then you will need to replace them. Almost in the same location, there is a drum bearing that supports the back of the drum. When worn out, it also causes noises. If you find it to be worn out, just replace. Do not try to lubricate it, as that is only a temporary fix.

Clothes Dryer Drum

Support Axle & Roller

Sometimes, as a user, you may realize that the dryer is producing very awkward noises. This terrible noise is mostly caused by a damaged or worn out drum support roller and axle. To repair a noisy dryer like this, remove the drum and inspect both the axles and the roller to determine which is faulty. It is advised that if one is faulty, then all should just order a replacement part.

Drum rollers also make loud noises when worn out. This could mean that either one of the rollers is defective or the whole set. To handle this, remove the drum, and check out the rollers. If one is faulty, replace the whole unit.

Blower Wheel

When small pieces of clothing or any material such as socks get into the blower wheel, you will realize that the dryer will be making very fast noises. Furthermore, another reason for the fast noises could be that the blower wheel sleeves have worn out. If this is the cause, replace the blower wheel.

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