Tips On How To Fix A Dryer That Will Not Tumble?

One of the common problems affecting the dryer machine is the tumbling. It can be costly if you take it to a technician. However, owners can still do some servicing and restore the faults. This is how to fix a dryer that will not tumble?

When it fails to start, you have to check the circuit breaker and the outlet. In some simple cases, all that is needed is unplugging the main connection to get your dryer to start working again. Sometimes, it trips the circuit breakers.


When the dryer starts, but the drums fails to turn, you need to check some essential parts such as the belt, capacitor and motor. The belt is the first culprit, and you can diagnose this by turning the belt using your hands. It must have adequate tension for it to function properly.


For the dryers motor issues, you will realize this when it starts to make humming noises but will not start. Check whether the motor has jammed, or the capacitor has faults. In some cases, the dryer lights will show, but the drum will not revolve. Since the motor works on the induction of the capacitor, you have to check it first before calling the technician.

clothes dryer door switch


The door switch is another area to troubleshoot the dryer when it fails to tumble. When you close the door, it should automatically tumble. If this is done, but the machine won’t tumble, then the button has faults. The simplest diagnosis here involves checking the button for continuity. If it fails, try to rectify the issue or call a dryer repair expert who reinstalls a new one. Take caution to disconnect power as failure to do so might lead to other damages.
Idler Pulley

The idler pulley may be out of position. This pulley rotates at high speed, and this can cause it to get off the track sometimes, thus making the dryer not being able to tumble. If the machine is producing noise when running, the idler pulley will have to be reassembled. The belt might also loose traction, which must be checked to make the dryer tumble again.

Dryer Idler Assembly

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