Do You Have A Washing Machine That Will Not Start?

A broken machine at home may pose a lot of problems when someone doesn’t have a repair guide. Although, repairing it may have to be done by a professional, sometimes it can be easy if you have the right instructions. To getWashing machine door lock assembly it on the move while repairing a washer that doesn’t start the following are the important parts you should look into. This list will assist you in figuring out which parts might require replacement. After you discover the cause of the problem it gets even easier because you just need to locate your model and search for the part to replace.

Lid switch and actuator

When the actuator or lid switch fails on a washing machine, it won’t start at any moment. It’s usually located beneath the top projection of the unit and will activate the motor when the lid is closed. Ensure the switch is activated mechanically and that all the levers and actuators are in good condition, as they should not be sticking.

Door switch and strike

These are safety features found on the front of the washing machine. In most machines, the door switch should be locked and the door locked activated before the washer machine can start. Ensure the strike engages the door lock to ensure the door remains closed.

Start switch and timer

It is the part of the timer that is activated by pulling out the control knob. You can test the power supply to the washer machine by use of a multi-meter. If there is not enough power, the washing machine will not start.


Ensure that the knob is properly engaging the shaft that controls the operation switch. Wear and tear can cause the knob to slip on the shaft and become unable to engage the switch mechanism.

Drive motor

Washers use a motor that is responsible for agitating and spinning during the cleaning process. Ensure they are working properly and have no faults that might impair its functionality.

Main Control Board

This is what controls the drive motor and fill circuit, as well as the door lock, drain motor and fill valve and if any of these individual components are not receiving the right amount of voltage then your machine will not start. Replacing a control board requires some expertise, but just by looking at it, you may be able to tell if its burnt out or have some type of damage, if you think the control board is the issue it is best to hire a qualified appliance repair technician to diagnose and replace it, as they will have the necessary tools that are required for this type of job.

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