What Causes A Washing Machine To Leak?


Even though it is not a common occurrence, a leaking washing machine can mean disaster in any home. Water can leak from the machine during or after washing. Despite the fact that a washing machine can function normally while leaking, if left unattended for long, leaking can lead to other major problems that may require a lot of money to repair. Leaking also means more work for you since you will have to mop the leaked water. Fortunately, most washing machine leaks are easy to identify and repair.  Below are some common causes of washer leaks:

Washing Machine Fill Valve

Defective door seal

Just like any other laundry machine parts, door parts wear out faster if a washing machine is used frequently and heavily. Moreover, front loading machines tend to develop door seal problems. They get worn out with time and they develop holes and slits which leak water that can accumulate under the washing machine. Fortunately, it is easy to replace a faulty door seal if you notice that this is the problem.


Large drain hoses are connected to the pump and the tub and from the pump to external drainage. The connection points may leak if the hoses lose elasticity or the clamps loosen. The hoses also become brittle as they age and become subject to holes and splits. Moreover, accumulation of calcium deposits, stains and rusts on the hoses may cause leaking.

washing machine pressure switch

Detergent problems

Oversudsing occurs when you use too much detergent in the tub or when you use high sudsing detergents that lead to an overflow. This problem causes a leak during the wash cycle and sometimes during the draining cycle. The leaks in this case depend on how slow water and suds move from the top to the bottom of the tub.


The pump takes water from the tub to the drain. There are seals inside the pump that prevent leakages. However, these seals can become brittle with age and may cause leakages.


Above are some of the main causes of leaks in washing machines. If you notice a leak, try to identify the source or contact a professional washer repairman to repair it before the leak leads to bigger problems like falling due to flooding or other types of water damage.

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