Betti Stradling Park In Coral Springs, Florida

Betti Stradling Memorial Park for the community of Coral Springs offers a lot of recreational facilities for people of all ages. From pre-school children, youth, young adults to senior citizens, they can all enjoy a variety of activities and events that regularly take place at the park. There are fields where youth sports can be enjoyed, picnic areas, paths for exercise, quiet areas and enough space for a variety of outdoor activities. Some of the most popular activities here include skateboarding, softball, basketball, cycling, volleyball on sand, and walking. Many programs are offered here including sports events and leagues organized by the city’s recreational department. Slip and glide playground is also available and one of the most popular for kids here. Families with kids have a lot of options to have fun when they come to the park.

Betti Stradling Memorial Park

Betti Stradling Memorial Park in Coral Springs is a wonderful place where kids can be themselves and enjoy playing baseball and other games on the playground. What you will love most about the place is the fact that it has lots of shade on the playground, nice basketball courts, and a skate park with ramps. If you enjoy playing beach volleyball, you can enjoy playing on a sand volleyball court. This is a wonderful place for kids and families, and parents can jog or walk while the kids enjoy their ball games. The park is nice and clean and you can also enjoy the scenic views.

The park, playground and recreational facilities are safe, and the park is child friendly. Whether you’re a parent with a toddler, small child or older kid, there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. There is plenty of space to be found in this 21-acre park, which offers a slide and glide playground for young ones. There’s a fitness cluster, two basketball courts, two sand volleyball courts, and three baseball or softball fields and a large open play area. The jogging or walking path is a mile long, and so you can get plenty of exercise. When it is time to cool down, there are two picnic pavilions for families to gather and share a meal while enjoying the serene environment…Read more about it here

Fight the Charter School Relocaton & Preserve Betti Stradling Park & Our Green Spaces

The City of Coral Springs, Florida is proposing to relocate the Coral Springs Charter School to the serene, green space of Betti Stradling Park. The proposed multi-story structure and its multi-story parking garage will house 2200 students grades 6-12 and will take up a major portion of the park, using taxpayer dollars and limiting public access.  This major construction project will take months to complete and bring noise and traffic (especially with Coral Springs Middle School being directly across the street) to an uncomfortable level and change our quiet neighborhood forever.   The city has other location possibilities to put this for-profit public school that would have less negative impact on our community…Read on

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