Coral Springs Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital

Animal lovers who visit Coral Springs should make it a point to visit the Coral Springs Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital (SNC). It is a charitable, non-profit organization, volunteer-driven organization that was started by a group of people who wanted to help wild animals. The main mission of SNC is to educate the people about the environment and culture of various species of animals. It also aimed at promoting healthy living of animals and to providing excellent care for the injured, orphaned, and sick native animals. SNC has successfully created an appreciation and awareness of wildlife, particularly the Urban wildlife of South Florida. Every year they treat more than 1000 animals and provide education presentation to over 7000 students. The volunteers of the organization donate more than 7000 hours to achieve the organizational goals.

The SNC has been serving the society for over 20 years and are steadily working towards their mission of not only treating the orphaned and injured animals, but also educating the people about being a responsible pet owner. Also, people should know what they must do when they find an injured or orphaned wild animal.

When you visit the SNC, you can enjoy their wildlife camps and several other off-site and on-site programs. They also offer information to people who find lost or injured animals. Volunteers at SNC will also help people who want to surrender their pets. You can learn about the best natural environment and understand how best to handle wild animals that have been orphaned. The inclination of most people is to help the injured animal. However, they may not be equipped to handle the situation. Understanding the needs of the animals and doing what is the best for them will greatly help in healing the injured animal.

The SNC is open from Tuesday to Sunday. You can visit the center Tuesday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm and between 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday. You can enjoy the park with your family and watch the different animals that live in the park. Admission fee is minimal and entry for children below 4 years is free. They run a free special program on Sunday called the “Be Kind to Animals Program”.

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