Get The Right Temperature For Your Fridge And Freezer

Side by Side RefrigeratorYou may choose to buy your fridge and freezer as separate appliances or built into a single unit, but the most important thing is to maintain the right temperature for each at a constant level. Refrigerator models in your house with built-in thermometers are not commonly available. If you already have one of the most common models without thermometers, the good news is that you are likely to get a fridge thermometer from a hardware store near you. These thermometers are used by most refrigerator repairman and will help you measure the temperature of your fridge.

Remember: during summer, you have to adjust the thermostat to cool the fridge because temperatures rise outside.

Fridges: Two different levels of temperature are available, about 5°C (41°F) or less for the shelf at the top and 1°C (34°F) at the bottom or the cooler section of the fridge.

To check the temperature, you should put the thermometer in the middle area of the shelf at the top and leave it there overnight. Take your thermometer ready in the morning and be careful not to allow in a lot of warm air.

In the upper shelf, you should store foods such as butter, yogurt or orange juice as they do not require cold temperatures.

To take care of your food at home, the cooler bottom area is where you should store vegetables, raw meat, poultry, fish or similar foods that could easily go bad without cold temperatures. Care should be taken to avoid juices from raw meat running into leftover foods.

Freezers: the ideal temperature for your freezer should be – 18°C (-0.4°F). A freezer symbol should also be present on every genuine freezer.

Your thermometer should be positioned upright on the top shelf’s edge or at the top basket’s front of a chest freezer, at the side where the door opens. It should only be left for a few hours before taking the reading. Note if the temperature reads higher than -18°C (-0.4°F), your food may go bad quickly if you don’t adjust the temperature lower. For any freezer temperature lower than suggested, then you would know energy is being wasted.

The door should remain locked most of the times because opening it too much allows in warm air that can quickly increase temperature. Your fridge should be maintained properly to avoid fridge repair costs.

Fridge/Freezers: most residential fridges and freezers combined into single units usually come with one control for temperature. They rarely have a thermometer included, and that makes maintaining a correct temperature not easy.

The correct temperature for the fridge should be maintained even if it means maintaining that of the freezer a little bit warmer. Fresh food spoils more quickly.

Shared fridge/freezer controls are not great for freezing. They are likely to take longer before freezing food compared to separate freezers in your household.

Get 2-control fridge/freezers that have warning lights. They indicate correct temperature for each part. You will know if electricity is on, when fast-freeze is on, or when the freezer warms.

If your refrigerator will still remain “uncool” after doing all the suggested methods then you should call a fridge service technician to conduct a more thorough check on your appliance.

The freezer technician will be able to handle the job properly. They can also provide you with necessary repair service to fix your fridge.

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