Here Are Some Tips To Reduce Food Service Equipment Repair?

Today I wanted to discuss with you the importance of preventative maintenance to your restaurant or food service equipment and I will tell you a few tips that you can start implementing today to help minimize your commercial appliances from breaking down on you. After all, your food preparation equipment, cooking, cooling and heating units are a very large investment that needs to be in good operational conditions and cleaned on a regular basis.

Some ways to prevent the need for kitchen equipment repair near me:

Tips To Help Avoid Restaurant Oven Repair

Your staff should clean your commercial oven on a daily basis by wiping up any spills that have gotten on the oven cavity earlier in the day, this will help to reduce any corrosion or rust that may develop in the convectional oven cavity as well as this will help to cut down on any possible fire hazards.

Want To Avoid Walk In Coolers Repair And Walk-In Freezer Repair?

The doors of your freezers and coolers should be kept closed, whenever they are not in use. If these doors are left open for long periods of time, it will cause ice to start building up on and around the evaporator coils, which will result into cooling problems. Making it a practice to keep these refrigeration doors closed will help to minimize any unnecessary commercial appliance service calls. Now there may be situations, depending on your establishment, where you need to keep your doors open, if you do, then you should definitely consider installing an air door or an air curtain in the doorways. You can ask your restaurant equipment sales person about these energy saving air doors and air curtains for more information.

Tips To Avoid Warmer Wells And Steam Table Repairs

With most steam tables, they require that the heating element is kept under water at all times, especially when the steam table is on. If the heating element is ever exposed because the water level drops below the element or dries up, then this can cause premature heat element failure. You should also clean your heating elements on a regular basis, to avoid minerals from building up on them, as this buildup can reduce the life of your steam table heating element.

How To Avoid Air Conditioning Repairs

On a monthly basis, you should have your air conditioner filters changed, the main reason is that it will help to reduce your monthly energy bill; air conditioners are responsible for about 20-30% of your monthly electric bill charges. Also, you should get your air conditioning unit serviced at least 2 times per year by a qualified technician to make sure that both your cooling cycles and heating cycles are running efficiently and safely.

How To Maintain Condenser Coils

Condenser coils need to be kept clean on all your restaurant refrigeration equipment such as:

  • Ice machines and ice makers
  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Beverage coolers
  • Salad coolers
  • Undercounter refrigerator
  • Wine cooler
  • Air conditioners

You want to keep these condenser coils clean from grease and dust on these equipment’s, which will help you to avoid breakdowns and expensive repair invoices, as well as this will help you to reduce your electric bill. If you notice that the coils have dust on them, you can either use an air compressor to blow it off or you can simply brush it off. If there is grease buildup, then you might want to hire a service company to clean it properly for your, as they have specialized coil cleaning solutions.

How To Maintain Your Ice Machines And Avoid Costly Repairs

If you own or operate a restaurant or bar, then I am sure you will agree with me that ice machines are one of your most important equipment for running your business. If this unit is kept clean, it will not only run more efficiently, but it will create even more ice and you will reduce the wear and tear that will occur on the component parts. This will also help to reduce your monthly electricity bill and to avoid ice machine repair bills.

Another way to cut down on repairs and to extend the life of your ice machine is to change the water filters every 3 to 6 months, which will also provide your customers with better tasting ice and drinks. Is your ice making equipment the right size for your restaurant or bar? This is important to know, typically if you buy an ice machine from a dealer, they will analyze your business expectations, seating capacity and the size of your establishment to determine the right size ice machine.

How To Avoid Restaurant Hood Repairs?

You should always keep clean air filters in your ventilation and exhaust hood equipment, this will help to maintain that they consistently work efficiently, as there will be less strain and stress on the motor, which will run cooler and the life of the belts and motor will be extended. On a quarterly basis, you should have your exhaust hood checked for belt tension and proper operation, this way you will know that your restaurant hood is working efficiently and you will reduce the chance of needing restaurant hood repair.

I hope by now you understand the importance of doing preventative maintenance on all your commercial appliances and restaurant equipment, with the biggest reason being if you wait for them to break down then you will always end up paying hefty repair invoices and in some cases you may have to buy new equipment which we both know is not cheap.

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