How To Avoid The Most Common Ice Machine Repair Problem?

There is one problem that you want to avoid when it comes to ice machine repair, as this particular issue can damage the unit severely and if you don’t have a warranty on your machine, it will cost a lot to get this issue fixed.

Do you know what this problem is?

Well, it has to do with your evaporator being damaged, so let’s dig a little deeper and also tell you how you can avoid this repair problem. The evaporator is where the ice forms, and then once the evaporator heats up, the ice then drops off, so that means if you have a faulty evaporator, then the ice will stay on top of it. Now, depending on the unit you have, one of two things will happen at this point. Either the machine will continue to make more ice, which will cause an over production of ice and then eventually shuts down or the unit will shut down immediately as a safety mechanism.

A dirty evaporator is the main cause of the ice not falling off when it should. The good news is this problem is an easy fix, because all you will need to do is clean it when no ice is not on it. What you don’t want to do though if you notice that you have this ice machine repair problem is to rush and try to force the ice off of the evaporator as you could actually damage it and make the problem worse.

Once the evaporator is damaged, you might as well buy a new part, because it will be so expensive to repair it and that’s assuming that it can even be repaired. The majority of the time that you have a malfunctioning evaporator is because of someone trying to remove the ice from it, using some type of tool, like a screwdriver.

So if you notice that the ice is not releasing, simply turn off the unit and let it melt off on its own, don’t try to rush it, so that means don’t try and use a heat gun because this could damage some of the plastic components, if you really need ice, it will cost you a lot less to buy some bags of ice now, instead of damaging your evaporator. Then once you notice that the ice has melted, go ahead and clean the unit and then turn the power back on, if the same problem persists, then you will need to call a technician to do some ice machine troubleshooting.

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