How To Change A Defrost Thermostat?

Today I want to show you how to change the defrost thermostat on a refrigerator and for this example we will use a side by side refrigerator, this is actually a pretty simple job, so don’t be afraid to change this one on your own.  First let’s look at some of the most common problems associated with a bad thermostat:

  • The Freezer or refrigerator is not getting cold
  • Freezer isn’t defrosting
  • You see frost underneath

The tools that you will need are:

  • ¼ inch nut driver
  • Crimpers
  • Wire stripper
  • Heat gun or electrical tape

Remember to first plug out the refrigerator and then remove the lower freezer shelves, to remove the lower one, you will need to just tilt the front up and then unhook the back, it should just slide out from here.  For the middle shelves, these are just snapped on to the metal rails, if you push it to the left it should just snap off.  Now to find where the thermostat is located, you need to find the evaporator cover which is bolted down by 4 hex screws.

Once you remove the screws, then just slide it up and tilt it to remove it.  You should see the thermostat here and it’s anchored down by a simple clip on a tube.  Be careful of sharp objects when you try to remove the thermostat, if you see sharp ice cubes just use a hand held hair dryer to melt it.  To remove the thermostat, simply push it off of the tubing and then take it out, now you will want to cut the leads as close as possible to the unit, now you are ready to install the new one.  Leave about a ¼ inch of the insulation on the 2 wires, try not to remove any of the cooper when you are removing the insulation, then you should twist the copper to make it tight.  Now place the lead in the butt splice connector and crimp it.  Now do the other one and make sure it is tight before you proceed.

Next get the heat shrink tubing and slide one over each lead, now we have to get the wire harness inside ready to crimp these leads on to.  Do one lead at a time but make sure the lead is completely inserted before you crimp it and once you are done make sure its tight and snug, once you have checked that you will need the heat gun and slide the shrink tubing all the way to cover the entire joint, now use the gun to melt it in place.  Try to keep the heat gun away from inner liners, as just a few seconds of heat can damage the refrigerator.  Once that has cooled, now it’s time to position the thermostat with the spring clip.  Pull the back tubing forward and snap the spring clip on the back side and make sure it lines up over the tubing.  Take any excess wires and tuck those away from the heater, you can now replace the evaporator cover.  Don’t tighten all the screw until you have all of them in, now re-install your shelves and plug your refrigerator back it, everything should be back to normal.

Now the procedure we just discussed works for appliance repair for GE Refrigerator brands, including:

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