How To Change A Temperature Sensor?

Are you receiving a sensor fault code, or maybe you realize that your oven is no longer maintaining the correct temperature or maybe it is not heating up to the desired temperature?  If you have experienced any of these appliance problems that I mentioned above, then you will be happy to know that they all can be fixed by changing your oven sensor.  And while this may sound complicated all you need is a screwdriver to get this oven repair service completed.

So let me get started by showing you how to go about changing the oven sensor on your range, the first thing you will need to do  to start your range repair is to make sure there is no power going to your appliance, so either unplug it from the outlet or turn the breaker fuse off.  Now to find the temperature sensor, it should be in the upper left hand corner of the oven, so go ahead and open up the oven, you should notice that the sensor is anchored down by 2 screws, once you unscrew those, you will want to pull the oven sensor to you slowly and be careful as you don’t want to damage the wire harness that will be coming out of a small hole in the oven wall.  This should stay connected the entire time if possible.

You will need to compare the connectors on the wire harness to your new temperature sensor, so disconnect the wire harness connectors to do so, if these connectors happen to be different, you can get some hardness adapters to make the correct fit, if not then it won’t work.  Once you have the connector situation established, then you need to connect the new sensor to the harness, then place back the wire harness through the oven wall, this will also go through some insulation, so you might have to move it side to side to get it in the right position.  Now once that is all set to take your screwdriver and anchor the new sensor in place, once that is done, close your oven door and connect the power to your range.  You have just completed your range repair, changing a temperature sensor is probably one of the most easy range repairs you will ever do. Take care.

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