How To Change The Door Gasket On Your Dishwasher?

Today I want to explain to you how to change the door gasket on your dishwasher at home.

First of all, how would you know if you have a bad door gasket?  Well there is typically one main reason when you would want to replace the door gasket and this is when you notice that your kitchen appliance is leaking around the door and typically from the bottom section of the unit.

What we are about to discuss can work on most brands including:

Miele, Maytag, Whirlpool, General Electric, Amana, Frigidaire, Bosch

You will enjoy this repair as it is one of them where no tools are required to do the repairs, so as you are probably guessing, it is an easy dishwasher repair job.  So go ahead and open the door of your home appliance, take hold of the gasket with your hands or if you prefer you can use a pliers and then pull it off, it is basically a friction fit onto the unit.  Now before you take it off completely, take a good look and make a mental note of how the gasket is positioned, notice that the barbed end will be placed against the tub.  Now go ahead and take it all the way out.

Now take a look inside the channel and see if there is any type of dirt, objects or debris in there, if there is you will want to clean it out, you can use a damp cloth or rag to wipe it out.  Once the channel is clean and dry, then you are now ready for the new gasket, so get a hold of it and you can start installing it on either side, it does not matter which end you start with.  Then lower it all the way to the bottom and once that is done, you can put it securely in place by pressing it in with your fingers.  Be careful not to stretch out the gasket, so try not to pull on it, especially on the corners.  If you give it enough room when installing then you can do it in a more natural motion.

Ok, go ahead now and check to make sure that the gasket is installed firmly in the channel all the way around.  Now you will want to see how it fits with the dishwasher’s door, what you are looking for here is a tight fit.  And that is it folks.  You just installed your first gasket on your dishwasher, congratulations! Go Here for more tips.

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