How To Fix Oven Broiler That Does Not Work Properly

open oven in the kitchenOven is an extremely useful kitchen appliance that you never expect to breakdown. However, like any other residential appliance, even the oven can malfunction. Troubleshooting these problems can correct the difficulties that you are experiencing with your home appliance. There are several problems which can affect the normal functions of the oven. A common problem that you could encounter with your household appliance is the boiler not working.

The broiler is an important component of the oven and it can be really annoying when the boiler does not work. However, there are several steps you can take before getting help from an oven service technician.


Before you start working on your oven, you must disconnect the power supply to the machine. Failing to do so, can be dangerous. You could also disconnect the power supply at the main circuit breaker. Make sure the circuit is completely dead before you start troubleshooting the problem.

Broiler problems affect both gas and electric ovens. However, this guide is only designed to correct the problems in electric ovens. Since the set-up of gas ovens is completely different, you must not attempt to repair it using this guide.

Reseating the Element

The electric element is used to heat the broiler. This element is usually clipped to the top of the broiler enclosure. If the element is loose, it will not make contact with the broiler terminals. To troubleshoot the problems, you must reseat the terminal. Before doing so, make sure you disconnect the power supply to the machine.

Test the condition of the Element

The machine element is responsible for cooking and heating up the food in the broiler. Prolonged use of the machine can damage the element. If the electric terminals are connected properly and the broiler does not work, then element burning out or becoming damaged could be the reason why the broiler isn’t working.

The easiest way of testing the condition of the element is by turning on the broiler and looking at the element. If it is glowing red, it means that it is working properly.

If you not convinced, you could do a complicated test to check the condition of the broiler element. To do this, you should disconnect the power supply to the machine and remove the element. Check the continuity of the element using a multi-meter. The normal resistance of the element must be between 20 and 45 ohms. If it shows infinite resistance, it means that the element is broken and it should be replaced.

Test Oven Controls

A problem with the oven controls could be another reason why the broiler does not work. The oven selector controls the functions of the broiler and the thermostat helps in setting the temperature of the broiler. Turn on the controls of the oven to check if the broiler is working properly. If the broiler isn’t working, you must remove the controls and check its condition using a multi-meter. If the controls are damaged, replace it immediately. Make sure you replace it with a part that is designed for your brand and model of oven.

If all these steps fail, it is best to get help from a stove technician. The technician will visit your house to repair and service the machine. Avoid repairing the machine yourself if you are unsure of the parts you need to check or replace. Also, avoid high voltage tests to reduce the risk of injury.

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