How To Fix Your Washing Machine That Has A Bad Agitator Seal?

Today I want to show you how to go about changing the agitator cap barrier with seal on your Maytag Washing Machine.  But before we begin it is important to first understand why you would want to perform this particular washer repair service.  Whether you have a LG washer or Whirlpool washer the problem would be same, this type of repair is necessary if you notice that your agitator is not working how it normally does or maybe you notice that the seal of the agitator has a crack on the agitator cap.

So let us start to fix that washing machine of yours, first no tools are needed so that is good, so yes it is a rather simple job.  First things first, let us go ahead and take off the cover of the agitator or depending on your brand appliance it could be the fabric softener dispenser as well.  This will simply pull right off, once that is off, take a look inside you should see the barrier which also has two small tabs on it, grab a whole of the 2 tabs and hold them tightly, pull it towards you to remove them, sometimes when you remove this the seal may or may not come off with it, in either case you will want to remove the old seal as well.

Now is time for your new part to be installed, most of them will come with the seal already in place, however a good rule of thumb is for you to moisten the seal with a little dishwashing liquid, this will allow it to fit in somewhat easier as well as making your job less difficult.  Make sure everything is level during the installation and then put some pressure on it so that it snaps into place.  You can test it to see if it has a snug fit by gently pulling on those 2 tabs, once you confirm that it is firmly installed, you can go ahead and put back the cap or the fabric softener dispenser.

Congratulations! You just completed your first repair in changing the agitator cap barrier with seal.  You can apply this technique to other brands such as Frigidaire, Samsung, GE, Bosch, Amana, Hotpoint, Roper, Admiral, Fisher Paykel and Kitchenaid appliances.  For more tips on how to fix your washing machine go here.

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