How To Increase The Life Span Of Your Appliances?

The average life span of home appliances are about 10 years, however if you would like to extend the life span of your appliances you can do so by getting regular maintenance and repairs as this will definitely help to keep them running for longer periods of time.  And in most cases, if you can find an appliance repair service company that is reasonably priced, you will always save money by opting for repairs versus the cost of having to replace the unit.

If you were to take a look at any of the statistics that show what the expected life span is for major home appliances, then you will quickly realize that they are discouraging for appliance ownership.  Consumer Reports did some research and according to them, microwave ovens and dishwashers on average will last for about 9 years, washing machines are expected to last for about 10 years, garbage disposals 12 years and electric ranges, refrigerators and dryers are supposed to be good for around 13 years or so.  So consumers may look at this and think that all their appliances are pretty much on borrowed time as they could be close to these life span expectations.

Now let us discuss why there may be flaws in this type of research and why it is not completely accurate.  When it comes to researching home appliances to determine the life span, it is hard for them to take into consideration how frequent every consumers will actually use their appliances, how often they will move the appliance and how well the appliances will be taken care of or maintained over the years.  And this is why the research can only give averages, because there are several variables that can affect whether the life span is increased or decreased.  It is also hard to say whether or not the research takes into account the factor of getting appliance repairs over the years and the benefits of doing so.

So it is safe to assume that an appliance can continue to operate efficiently well past its life span under favorable conditions.  And while there are some consumers that will just buy a new appliance at the first sign of an appliance malfunction, there are many more consumers that will just take the economical approach and find a reliable service company.  Buying a new appliance can cost hundreds of dollars more than getting your appliance repaired, of course depending on what part may be needed, if parts are needed at all and how long the repairman takes to complete the job.

Typically, once the warranty runs out on an appliance then you can expect that the life span of the appliance is getting close and many consumers at this point feel that fixing the appliance is not worth the money.  But any appliance repair expert will tell you that it is possible for a 10 year old appliance to run for many more years efficiently, just by simply changing out one part.  Now if the situation is like this where you have a 15 year old machine that has multiple worn out parts, then it is probably a good idea to just replace it with a new one.  But if you have an LG Washer and you know it’s only one part that is bad and it’s not an expensive part, just call your local appliance repair for LG washers repairman to schedule a service call.

A local service company will give you some helpful advice to help you determine whether or not you should fix your broken appliance or replace it.  And in some cases, if you can give them a lot of detail about what the problem is, they may be even able to give you a diagnosis over the phone so you can avoid having to pay a service call fee, but don’t be surprised if you can’t find a company to do this, most will prefer to come out to your home or business to properly diagnose the problem in person so that they can give you an accurate diagnosis.

So if you really are interested in making an investment in your appliances so that they can last you well past the warranty and the expected life span, you should find a dependable service company that can help you whenever you are experiencing problems.  So whether you need dishwasher repair or appliance repair for LG washers, the solution to your problem could be to just replace an inexpensive part.

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