How To Replace Your Washing Machine Belt?

Usually, the belt in your washing machine lies between the drum pulley and the motor. It is this part that allows the drum to go round during the washing process. Once in a while, if the drum ceases to turn as it is supposed to, it may indicate that the belt is worn out. Such indications may help you know whether you need to replace the washing machine belt or not. Sometimes, you might even notice the burning smell of rubber, which is usually an indication of a failing machine belt. If you also notice that once you start up the machine, the drum doesn’t rotate, then it means that you need to do some replacement. Once these issues start occurring, you will have to remove the old belt and replace it with another one. There are several places where you can buy the belt, be it in online stores or physical appliance stores. You, therefore, need to know how to put the washing machine belt in the right way, for the machine to resume its normal operations.

Tips on how to put a washing machine belt back on: hide

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Prepare The Machine

Before doing any other thing, you need to unplug the washing machine from the power supply. The washing machine uses electricity and trying to replace the belt when the power is still on is dangerous. You will notice that your washing machine needs to be laid on its side for you to access the belt assembly with ease. Laying the machine may be difficult if you are doing it alone. That is why you are advised to get someone to help you during this process. To avoid scratching the machine, ensure you put some old blankets or clothes on the floor before laying the machine.

Replace The Belt

Once you get the right belt for your machine, you need to proceed with the replacement. Your first task should be aligning the belt around the pulley. You want to ensure that the flat side doesn’t face inside.  See to it that the belt’s smooth side is facing out while the grooved side is facing inwards.  Arc the belt over the drum pulley to allow it to fit perfectly into the grooves. As you do this, see to it that the belt hangs flexibly onto the drum pulley. After this step, you want to secure the belt to the pulley with something like a zip tie. The zip tie is usually great because it allows you to stretch a tight belt. Proceed by pulling the end of the belt tightly until it stretches around the motor pulley and fits well into the groove. Slowly spin the drum in a clockwise manner to turn the pulley. The aim is to ensure that the belt aligns on the pulley. If it aligns, cut the zip tie because leaving in inside the machine may cause the belt to slip, which is dangerous.

It is good to know how to replace the belt of your washing machine if you own one. This knowledge is essential because your washing machine may break down once in a while. Use the knowledge above to replace your belt.

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