How To Troubleshoot And Fix Common Refrigerator Problems

The refrigerator is unarguably one of the most hardworking appliances in your house. However, like any other device, even your refrigerator could face a problem. Some of the issues can be addressed without getting help from a refrigerator technician. For others, you may have to get help from companies that offer refrigerator repair and service in residential and commercial areas. Some of the problems that you are likely to face include:

Refrigerator Repair in Fort Lauderdale


If the refrigerator is noisy, you must check the condition of the condenser fan motor and the evaporator fan motor. The condenser fan motor is located near the compressor at the bottom rear of the machine. It uses the condenser coil to circulator air and removes heat from the refrigerator. If you suspect that condenser fan motor has a problem, remove the rear access panel of the machine to check the condition of the engine. The motor must be replaced if it is worn out or seized.

The evaporator motor is located near the freezer compartment. If there is a problem with the evaporator motor, the ice will take longer to freeze or the refrigerator will not stay as cold. When inspecting the engine, if you find that fan blade is damaged, or the shaft does not turn freely, you must replace them.

Does Not Start

Another common problem that most users face is refrigerator not starting. Some of the parts that can be responsible for this issue include overload capacitor, temperature controller, and the electronic control board. Identifying the problem part and replacing it is not easy, as they require special tools. Also, you may have to conduct live high voltage checks to verify the condition of the parts. These tests must be done only by trained refrigerator repairman.


If the refrigerator you have in your home is leaking, you must check the condition of the door gasket, water inlet valve, and the ice maker assembly. The door gasket is an airtight seal that prevents air from entering and escaping from the refrigerator. If the gasket is defective, it will allow air to enter the refrigerator which can cause leaks and defrost issues. To rectify this problem, just replace the damaged gasket with a new gasket.

The water inlet valve is a device that connects the refrigerator that the household pipeline. If there are cracks in the pipe, you must replace the pipes. Also, check the supply inlet connector as may be damaged or loose, which can cause leaks.

Not Making Ice

When your refrigerator does not make ice, you must check the condition of the water fill tubes, the water inlet valve, ice filter, ice maker assembly, and water filter. If you notice that there are very small or no cubes in the freezer, you should check the condition of the inlet valve and tubes. If the valve is in perfect condition, the tubes connect to the valve may be blocked or damaged. These tubes must be replaced or repaired to rectify the problem. To deal with other problems, you may have to get help from a refrigerator service technician.

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