Stove Won’t Turn On

If your burner or stove won’t turn on, it can upset your daily routine and can be a source of huge frustration. When faced with the question “What do I do when my stove won’t turn on?” We have come up with a troubleshooting guide that will help you identify the problem with your machine. If these tips don’t help in getting answers for your question “Why my gas stove won’t turn on?” it is best to get help from a professional.

Here are some of the possible causes for stove not turning on:


Disconnected or Loose Plug
Circuit Breaker has Tripped
Burner Element is Disconnected
Faulty Burner
Knob is Broken
Internal Fuse of Machine is Blown

Stove Not Clicking Or Lighting – Disconnected or Loose Plug

If your stove top won’t turn on, it may be because the plug is disconnected or loose. Some of the reasons why the cord may disconnect abruptly include machine vibration, aging outlet, and change in temperature. To test the condition of the plug, move the stove carefully to allow access to the plug. Remove the plug from the socket and reconnect it firmly. If your plug wiggles out from the socket, it means the outlet must be replaced.

Circuit Breaker has Tripped

Your electric stove won’t turn on if the circuit breaker has tripped. Most houses are equipped with a circuit breaker that regulates the flow of electricity to the socket. If for some reason the circuit that your electric stove is connected to has tripped, you must reset it to start the machine. An electric stove that is malfunctioning is likely to trip the circuit breaker once again. Check your circuit breaker box or fuse and make sure the section that is connected to your electric stove is “On”. When you are unsure of its position, trip the circuit breaker and turn it back on once again.

How To Fix A Burner On Electric Stove – Disconnected

Regular use of the machine can disconnect the element from the machine’s terminal socket. If the element is loose, your electric stove top won’t turn on. To troubleshoot this problem, unplug the machine’s burner element and check for signs of damage or rust. If there are no signs of damage, fix the burner back into the socket. If the burner wiggles, it means the socket is damaged and must be replaced. You can replace a functional burner with the faulty burner to check the condition of the terminal socket. If the burner does not heat after you have you have
swapped it with a functional burner, it means that socket is damaged and it must be replaced.

Burner On Stove Won’t Turn On

When your stove doesn’t turn on, it could be due to a faulty or damaged burner. When the burner is faulty, it will eventually stop working and prevent the machine from heating. To check the condition of the burner, swap it with a working burner. Make sure the burner you swap is of the same size. If the problem is solved, it means the burner is faulty and it must be replaced. If the problem persists, it means that socket is damaged and it must be replaced. Before swapping the burner, check for signs of damage on the burner. For instance, if the burner is damaged, it will not heat properly or will not connect to the socket properly. Such burners must be replaced immediately.

How To Fix Broken Knob In Electric Stove

Another reason for electric stove not turning on is the broken knob. When the knob is broken, the stove does not get the signal that is supposed to start it. You should inspect the knob for signs of damage and replace it, if necessary. Some of the possible problems with the knob include being in a condition where it does not turn easy, it’s wobbly, or gets stuck.

To test the condition of the knob, you must remove the knob and use pliers to activate the underlying switch. You should replace the knob if this does not work. However, if the inner wiring that connects the control panel to the knob is damaged, the problem may be more extensive. In such situations, replacing the knob will not help. You will have to get professional help to troubleshoot this problem.

Internal Fuse of Machine is Blown

Your electric stove burner won’t turn on if the internal fuse is blown. This fuse is separate from the circuit breaker you have in your home. Even if one fuse is blown, the machine will not turn on. To troubleshoot this problem, use the owner’s manual to locate the machine’s fuse box. Check the condition of each fuse and replace the fuse that is blown. If there is no problem with the fuse, inspect the wiring and make sure all the wires are connected properly to the fuse.

A Word of Caution

Before attempting to find answers for your question “Why my electric stove won’t turn on?” you must disconnect the power supply to the machine. Also, if the problem persists even after you have followed all the tips given in the article, it is best to get help from a qualified technician.

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