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Considering the whole of South Florida barely has no hills, in Coral Springs what appears to be like small hills have led to the name of Three Mountains Natural Area. These are almost no hills at all but slightly raised grounds that have created a beautiful adventurous park area for the locals. It’s a great location for disc golf throwing, taking photos or playing games of adventure with friends. The natural area offers plenty of opportunities for the locals to engage in a variety of outdoor activities that may not require special facilities. The landscape is amazingly beautiful for taking photos or just having a great time with friends in the open outdoors.

Three Mountains Natural Area [Coral Springs]

For a smaller natural area, this park is seriously one of the most entertaining! South Florida is by no means hilly, so visiting this park gives you a sense of adventure that you rarely find in these parts.

The park consists of three “mountains,” which are three larger hills that you can climb up, and if you’re more immature like me, slide down. We went right before the sunset, hence the stunning photos from up top. It’s a natural area, but the only real wildlife consists of a variety of birds and some small lizards and insects. It is a more “developed” sort of natural area. If you explore however, you’ll occasionally find a number of small butterflies floating around a group of flowers. It’s a beautiful site.

Not only are there gorgeous views to bask at, the park itself is a great photo opp. If you get to the top of the first “mountain,” there are a number of decently-sized rocks to either sit, or lay on. Great for those “candid” photos…read more

`Mountain’ Park Given Approval

CORAL SPRINGS — — Only in flat-as-a-pancake Florida would they be called mountains. But three nubs of earth in the Shadow Wood subdivision will lend their name to the city’s newest patch of green space: Three Mountain Park.

The “mountains,” at 40 to 50 feet tall, are actually pretty sizable for the surrounding topography.

“They’re decent sized,” said Rick Engle, parks & recreation director. “You get a good view when you’re sitting on top of them.”

The origin of the mountains is unknown, but residents say they were created when the C-14 canal, which runs along the park’s southern edge, was dredged.

City commissioners recently approved plans for the park. At its northern end, the 21-acre park hugs Northwest First Street where the street turns into a dead end just west of Northwest 92nd Avenue…keep reading

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