Wondering How To Change The Thermostat On Your Fridge?

The thermostat is responsible for making sure that your fridge is keeping the right temperature so that your food will not spoil and remain fresh for as long as possible. So when you have a faulty thermostat you will start to notice that your refrigerator in most cases will be warmer than normal, as it is having trouble trying to maintain the right temperature. When the thermostat stops working all together, then your compressor will not turn on.

Unplug the refrigerator or disconnect the circuit breaker to the kitchen to turn off the electricity while you work so that you can be safe.

Search for the thermostat, if you have a two-door refrigerator or side by side unit, the thermostat is probably near the back of the freezer compartment on the inside. If you have a refrigerator with the freezer on top, the thermostat may be inside the freezer or under the floor panel of the appliance. Remove the ice bin and set it aside if it interferes with you gaining access to the thermostat.

Open the access panel thermostat removing the retaining clips or screws. Use a needle nose pliers to remove the power cables from the terminals of the thermostat. Loosen the screws or staples to keep the thermostat in place. Remove the old thermostat from the refrigerator. Some refrigerators have a clamp that holds the thermostat in the evaporation tube, it must also be removed.

Place the new thermostat in the same place where the original one was. Tighten the screws to hold it in place. Connect the ends of the electrical wires to the thermostat terminals.

Adjust the refrigerator temperature setting to a level that is colder than the actual temperature within the fridge compartment. Connect back the fridge into the electrical outlet and turn on back the electrical breaker. Now you should hear how the compressor turns on and cools the refrigerator to the reach the desired temperature.  Visit The Appliance Experts for more tips on repairing and maintaining your appliances.

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