Chapel Trail Nature Preserve In Pembroke Pines

The preserve is set-up on a 450-acre park on the edge of Pembroke Pines. It is a picturesque location to view a piece of fauna and flora from the Everglades ecosystems of Florida. The park, which was established in 1990s, is the home of several species of birds and animals. In fact, this wetland is the home to more than 130 species of deer, birds, alligator, rabbits, largemouth bass, turtles, and insects. The Chapel Trail Nature Preserve gives you excellent exposure to natural settings without being exposed to swamps, alligators, stifling heat, and muddy trails. It is also an ideal location to explore from a canoe or to go for hiking. When you visit the preserve, you will find a boardwalk that is peppered with several benches for your comfort. This boardwalk is 1650 feet long and it cuts through the open water and with signboards detailing some of the flora and fauna you are likely to see in the preserve. When you head over the open waters, you are likely to see many turtles swimming by, in addition to cichlids, largemouth bass, and ga.

If you want to avoid exploring the preserve on foot, you can explore it on a canoe. The rental for the canoe is one of the cheapest you will find in Florida. If you are planning a short trip to the park, you can hire the canoe on hourly-basis. However, if you are planning a long trip to the park, then it is best to choose the 4-hour or the full day option. The canoe is only available on Saturdays, so make sure you call them and reserve your canoe in advance. At the preserve, many birds including wading birds fly overhead constantly. If you use the boardwalk, you may not be able to spot these birds easily. Hiring a canoe will make it easy for you to spot these birds and make your trip to the preserve fruitful.

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