How To Change The Electronic Control Panel?

Is your oven, stove or range not showing the temperature or time on the display?  Or maybe it is showing the time and temperature but for whatever reason you cannot get your appliance programmed?  If you answered yes to both these questions, then the problem could very well be fixed by simply replacing the electronic clock control board.  This is a rather simple stove repair and the only tool that you will need is a Phillips head screw driver, so let’s dive in and I will show you how to do it.

The first step is for you to disconnect your appliance from its power source, if you notice that your unit is hard wired into the wall instead of being plugged into a wall outlet, then you will need to disconnect it using the fuse or breaker panel.  Once that is done, go ahead and open the door so you can start your oven repairs, towards the bottom you should see a control panel assembly that is anchored down by the use of 4 Phillip’s screws.  Go ahead and take all 4 screws out and then put the door back in a closed position.

The next step is for you to unhook the control panel from the top, to do so all you need to do is lift it just a little and you will notice a piece of metal along the top portion of the frame that it is hooked on to.  Now if you slightly tilt the control panel forward you will find the clock located in the center.  Depending on your brand of appliance you will see about 3 wire harnesses, you will need to disconnect these by unplugging them and then take out those 4 quarter inch hex screws, this should release the clock so that you can take out of the control panel and you can go ahead and hang the control panel back on the front of the oven.

You can go ahead and throw out the bad clock and get hold of the new clock and place it in the center above those four screw openings, now take one of the screws and insert it, so that it will hold the clock in position for you to put in the rest of the screws, when you place the 2ND Screw in doing this on the opposite end of the first screw and then put in the remaining screws.

You can start connecting back the 3 wire harnesses once all the screws are tightly in place, make certain that you insert each wire completely into each socket, then you can place the control panel back in position and don’t forget to hook it over the metal at the top, once it is centered you can now open the door of the oven and put back in the Phillips screws that are used to anchor the control panel, once the screws are firmly tightened you can turn on the breaker, fuse or plug your range back in and that will complete today’s oven service repair.

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