How To Change the Seal Burner Cap On A Gas Stove?

Is the burner on your oven, stove or range not heating up?  Or maybe it is not allowing you to ignite a flame?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then replacing your stoves sealed burner cap is the solution to solving your kitchen appliance problem.  The only tools that you will need to fix this problem, is a pair or needle nose pliers, so yes this is a rather easy gas range repair.

So let us get started on changing the surface burner on a gas range.  The first thing you will want to do is to practice safety, so go ahead, turn off your gas supply line and then disconnect the power to the stove, you may need to move the stove some to get access to the power cord to pull it out.  You can also turn this off from the breaker panel.  Next, you will need to take off the burner and grate that are not working properly, to remove the burner you will need to turn it in a counter clockwise direction slightly for about an eight of a turn.  Grab a hold of the burner firmly and then start turning, once it loosens you can then proceed to take it out of the opening.

Now is time to disconnect the igniter wire and the ground wire, they should just pull right off, however, if they seem to be stuck, try using the pliers to take them off.  Go ahead and throw away the old burner.  Now is when you can replace the rubber gasket for the burner, assuming your range comes with one.  If you do not see one, it is perfectly normal, not all stoves manufacturers use them, so do not worry about it, if you don’t see one.

Next you should go ahead and connect the yellow ground wire, then connect the igniter wire.  It is important that these 2 wires are set in straight down into the opening, where they pull away from the opening at the bottom, once you have it positioned correctly turn it in a clockwise motion for about an eight of a turn.  Then put back the grate and now you can turn the power back on, as well as turn the gas supply line back on.  That is it, you range repair is now complete, I know you will agree that it was a pretty simple stove repair right?  I hope this article helped and I will talk to you soon.  To learn more about range repair click here.

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