How To Change The Hinge Cam Riser On Your Refrigerator?

Today I want to discuss with you how and why you may want to change the hinge cam riser on your fridge.  But first let’s discuss some of the most typical signs that will reveal to you that you need to change your riser to solve the following problems:

  • The door will not stay close or it will not close on its own
  • When you open the door it slips
  • You hear an unusual noise when you close or open the door
  • You notice that your door cams are cracked or broken

For this example we are using a unit manufacture by GE, such as Kenmore, Hotpoint and General Electric.

To do this type of appliance service repair you will need the following tools:

  • A socket wrench with a 5/16 of an inch socket
  • A Phillips or star point screw driver

Ok let’s get right into it.  The first thing to do in this case is to remove all your items that are on the shelves located on the door, once that is done we can start to take off the hinge cover by removing the screws that holds it into place.  Then we can take out the 2 bolts that connect the cabinet to the hinge.  Now you can take off the hinge.  Find a good work surface to place the fridge door on, because now it is time to take it off, to take the door off, just lift it in an upward motion and it should come right off and then put it on a table or whatever work surface you want to complete this job on.

Now is time to take off the screw that is located towards the opening of the door riser and then we can untighten the other screw, but just enough to where we can get access to the doorstop.  Once the first screw is removed entirely you will be able to take old the old riser by sliding it out.  And now you can take the new slider and install it by simply sliding it in, now go ahead and line up the single screw.  It is important that this screw lines up with the opening of the door.

Go ahead now and tighten both of the screws, once those are nice and snug we can get ready to install the door back onto the fridge.  So go ahead and put the door back on, by just reversing the way you had taken it off initially, so try to center the door over the lower hinge pin first, it will need to engage before you proceed to the next step and do not worry as the magnet will hold the door in place until we are able to install the new hinge.  Now is time to install the upper hinge and then put back in the 2 bolts to hold and secure the hinge on the cabinet, go ahead and tighten those bolts securely.

Ok, so now we are on the final stretch, so get your hinge cover and put it into place, now you want to secure it by tightening the screws, next put all your items in the door selves and your refrigerator repair service is complete.  Another easy do it yourself project, to learn more visit The Appliance Experts.


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