How To Change The Water Inlet Valve On A Front Load Washer?

Hi, today I want to show you how to go about changing the water inlet valve that is found on front load washing machines.  But how would you know if there is a problem with your valve?  Let’s take a look at some of the most commons signs associated with the problem and that would be solved by installing a new valve on your washer:

  • Water is leaking from the water inlet valve
  • Your washer is not filling with either cold or hot water
  • The water will not turn off, so it is over filling your appliance as well as water continuously drips into the tub

This is a rather simple repair and the tools that you will need to do this type of washer repair are:

  • A pair of slip joint pliers
  • A Philips or star head screw driver.

Now let’s get into fixing this type of problems, please proceed with disconnecting the power supply of the washing machine before starting and you will also need to disconnect the fill hoses in the back of the unit.  Now if you happen to have a stacked washer and dryer, you will need to remove the dryer unit so that you can work on the washer.

Ok now is time for us to remove the wire harness from the water valve and you can just let it hang off to the side for now.  Next grab a hold of your screwdriver so that you can start unscrewing the screws on the back, to have access to the clamp from the inside go ahead and pull the inlet valve through.  To depress the clamp you want to use your slip nose pliers, once it is depressed go ahead and slide it towards the tops of the hose.  Take a good look at the hose, or maybe you might even want to take a picture of it, the reason is you will need to be familiar with the orientation as to install it back properly on the new inlet valve.

Take off the old valve and put it aside somewhere, now take the new valve and place it inside of the hose, make certain that it goes all the way in and make sure to line it up properly, just the way you saw it in the beginning, once that is done you can now install the clamp back into position.  Next, you can install the inlets through the back panel openings and this put the screws back in with your screwdriver.

You should notice by now that the mounting bracket that came with the new water inlet valve doesn’t have any pre-made threads, so you are going to have to use some muscle to get them in as it will be somewhat hard to turn initially, these self-tapping screws will cut the threads in them so they will turn more easily, screw it in until it is nice and snug by tightening all the screws firmly.  Now is time to re-attach the wire harness to the machine’s terminals located on the valve, the next thing you want to remember to do is to reconnect the fill hoses and then lastly you will need to plug the unit back in the wall for power.  That’s it my friend, your washing machine repair is now complete, now was that easy or what?  Click Here to learn more.


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