How To Change The Surface Burner Receptacle On Your Stove?

Video Transcription:

Hi, thanks for visiting our website, today I would like to show you how to go about changing the surface burner receptacle on your range, this is a pretty easy job, the only tools that you will need is some wire strippers and a Philips screwdriver, so grab your tools and let us get started on this appliance repair project.  But first let us discuss why you would want to change the surface burner receptacle on your stove, the typical problems that would indicate that you need to replace the receptacle is when your burners are not heating up or if you notice that the receptacle is burnt out.  Ok, so the first thing you will want to do is to turn off the power that is going to your stove, either by plugging it out and disconnecting it from the power supply, which can be done by turning off the breaker switch.

Ok, so now we need to lift the top of the stove up, this is normally held in place by 3 screws towards the front, you will want to remove those first so that you can lift the main top up.  At this point you can go ahead and actually remove the burner and the burner bowl where you think the problem is, so that you can get that out of the way, now grab your screw driver and lets remove the screw that is holding the receptacle in place and then you can now locate the 3 screws that are holding down the main top, you may need to open the door of the oven so you can easily access those screws.

Now the next thing that we will need to do is get a hold of the wire harness as we will need to cut and splice a new block in there.  Now you will need to get something to hold the main top in an upward position so that we can easily access the receptacle to replace it.   You should cut the wire harness about 4 inches back from the terminal.  Once that is done, you can go ahead and throw away the old terminal block.  Now on each wire, we will need to strip around three eights of an inch from each end of all the wires.  In your repair kit you should have received some ceramic wire nuts, take 2 of the wires and then wrap them together using the ceramic nuts, then make certain that they fit tightly in the ceramic wire nuts.  That will complete the wiring of your new receptacle and you can proceed to now mount it on the top.

All you will need to do to mount it, is to slide it into place, in the repair kit you bought there should have been a new screw, take that screw and secure the receptacle in place to the main top.  Put back in the drip bowl and then install your burner element, it is a good idea before you put back the element to first check if there are any signs of it being burnt out or arcing, if you see any of these you should replace the element as they could damage your new receptacle.  Now you will need to put back those 3 screws that anchor down the main top and once that is done you have just completed your range repair.  That is how simple it is to change the surface burner receptacle on your stove, thanks again for visiting our website and good luck on any future stove repairs you may need.


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