Which Washing Machine Repairs Can I Do Myself?

Is your washing machine broken?  One of the biggest home appliance repair headache will come from a washing machine that needs to be fixed, as if it is not working you will be forced to go to the closest Laundromat to your home, where you have to drag loads and loads of dirty laundry to get them cleaned and dried, or maybe you will choose the old school route of washing them by hand in your kitchen sink.

Or if your washer breaks you may just want to go out and just buy a new one, but you know that washing machine replacement can sometimes be very expensive, not to mention the additional cost of installation, the time you have to take away from work or your family to research a new machine and then to schedule a delivery.  All this can be an inconvenience at times.  But if you are on a budget or just looking to save some money, then washing machine repair will probably be your best choice.

Now there are some washer and dryer repairs that you can do yourself and then there are other washing machine and dryer repairs that you should hire a repairman to take care of for you, so let us now look into some of the most common repair issues to help you decide if you can do it yourself or hire a technician to do it for you.


Many homeowners will panic at the first sign of a leaking washing machine and rightfully so, as with the combination of water, soap and some electrical wiring, a lot of damage can be done.  Not to mention the possibility of water damage that can be done to your walls, floors and furniture.  The good thing is that most washer leaks are actually inexpensive and easy to fix.

Before you start any repairs, you should first disconnect the power, by plugging your machine out of the outlet.  Then you will want to check the gaskets and door seals for any wear and tear, especially if you have a front loading machine.  If you notice that water is coming from the front of the machine, then without a doubt you know that you have a problem with your door gasket.   The good news if you have a leaking door gasket then most of them can be easily replaced by the average homeowner, but it is important that you check the owner’s manual to make sure you get the correct part number.

If your door seal looks good, then the next place to check is to see if water is coming from underneath or from the back of the machine.  Another common place where leaks could be coming from the water inlet hoses either from the back of the washer or from the pipes in the wall. If you notice the water is coming from the hoses then the first thing you will want to check is to see if they may need tightening.  If that didn’t fix the problem, then the next thing could be that you have an issue with your water level sensor, which could be causing your machine to overfill.  If you think there is a problem with the water level sensor, it is best if you hire a repairman to fix this problem as you will have to work with complex electronic components.

Excessive Noise

If your washing machine is running across your laundry room or maybe it’s thumping or rattling, then this could be because you have an unbalanced drum.  This is normally caused by an uneven distribution of weight, so make sure that you have an even distribution when you put your clothes in  to wash.  Another cause could be that your machine is not leveled with the floor; you can adjust the level by simply adjusting the legs on the bottom of your machine.  The machine should be as close to the floor as possible.  One tip you can use to keep your machine in place and minimize noise is to put your machine on a piece of carpet that has rubber backing.

Other causes of loud noises could come from a loose motor mount or drum.  While it is simple to just tighten these bolts, accessing them for the motor mount and drum can be very difficult, as the motor mount is normally located under the tub.  So this is one of the repairs that is probably best if you hire a technician to take care of it.  But if you happen to do it yourself and you notice that the problem is still not fixed, then you may need to contact your local appliance repair company to do a motor replacement job for you.

Failure To Spin

If you take out your clothes after the wash cycle and you notice that they are soaking wet, then you know your machine is not spinning, if this is the case the first thing you will want to check is to see if the belts are getting hitched by another component of your machine, as this could prevent it from spinning.  Another cause is that the belts could be worn out over time and they need to be replaced; this is an easy enough job for you to do yourself.  If all the belts look fine, then the next thing to check is your lid switch, which can be found near the door hinge at the top or front of the machine.  To test your lid switch, you will want to use a small object like a pen and depress the switch while the door is open.  If the machine spins, then you will know that the plunger and switch is not making good contact and should be replaced.  This is something you can do on your own, but review your owner’s manual so that you can get the right installation instructions and part numbers.

Other issues that could cause your machine to not spin will include:

–   A worn out motor coupling

–   A bad clutch

–   A motor mounting plate that needs to be replaced or adjusted

All these issues are best handled by a washing machine repair company as you will need some in-depth knowledge to make a proper diagnosis.

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