How To Fix A Dryer That Shuts Off Too Soon

A dryer is an extremely useful residential appliance, especially during rainy season and winter, when drying your wet clothes is difficult. When your machine works properly, your clothes are dry at the end of cycle. However, some dryers may shut off too soon, which will leave your clothing items wet even after the cycle is complete. This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you don’t have the expertise to troubleshoot the problem. Ideally, you should get help from a dryer service technician. Before you call a dryer technician, make sure you check if they repair the model and brand that you have. When the dryer repairman visits your house, they will give you an estimate of how much you have to invest for dryer repairs. If you are convinced with their quote, you can ask them to complete the repairs of your household appliance. If you are one of those who believes in repairing or servicing the dishwasher without professional help, you must know details of the part that prevents your machine from completing the cycle. The main part responsible for this problem is the moisture sensor. Here is what you should do to check the condition of the part.

Moisture Sensor

Most modern dryers use moisture sensors to control the machine’s timer when you select the automatic drying cycle. The circuit of the sensor consists of electronic controls and sensors that are normally found on the dryer’s front bulkhead. When you select sensor dry, the wet clothes come in contact with sensors. This completes an electrical circuit which causes the capacitor to discharge and prevents the motor from advancing. When the clothes inside the machine are dry, the electric circuit is incomplete and the timer runs until the cycle is complete. If there is a problem with the sensor or it is coated with softener, the dryer will shut down before the cycle is complete.

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