How To Replace Your Dryer’s Thermal Fuse?

In this article I want to discuss with you how you would go about changing the thermal fuse on your clothes dryer.  First of all it’s important to note that not all dryers have Thermal Fuses and this part is actually specific to brands such as Whirlpool, Amana, Roper, Magic Chef, Maytag, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Crosley, Kenmore, Inglis, Estate, Caloric, Glenwood and Admiral.

Now let’s talk about how to identify if your dryer has a bad Thermal Fuse and how to replace it to fix your appliance problem, you will experience such things as:

  • Your dryer is not turning on
  • The dryer does not heat up during a drying cycle
  • It’s taking longer to dry your clothes

To replace this part is not hard at all; here is what we will need to get the repair done as far as tools are concerned:

  • ¼ Inch nut driver
  • Some needle nose pliers

Like with all electrical repairs, the first thing that you will want to do is to disconnect the dryer from its power source by plugging it out from the wall socket, if you happen to have a unit that is hard wired into your home’s power supply, then you will need to find the source and turn the power off from there, in most cases this will probably be done in the circuit breaker panel.

Now the next step for us to do is to remove the dryer vent from the unit.  Once that is complete, we can now pull the device out, because we will need to have access to the back of the appliance to make the necessary repairs.  Next we need to remove the back panel, so we need to take out all of the screws that are holding the panel in place.  Most units will have around eight to ten 1/4 inch screws.  To find the thermal fuse, you will need to locate the blower housing, which is where it is connected.   Now that we have the back disconnected we will have full access to replace the thermal fuse.

Look for a 2 wire terminal; you will need to remove both of these, to do this you will want to use a ¼ inch hex head screw.  To remove the thermal fuse you will need to pivot it out, to do this you will need to look for the little tab, which is located on one end of the fuse.  Once you have that removed it is now time to install the new one, to do this you will want to look for the open end of the fuse that has a notch, only one end of the fuse has this so you can’t miss it.  Once you have it in place, now is time to put the screws back where they were and then connect back the two wire terminals.  Don’t forget to put the back panel back on, once you do that then your whirlpool dryer repair is now complete, connect back your vent hose to the unit, turn the power back on and you should be good to go.  I told you it wouldn’t be a hard repair job.

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