Refrigerator Repair Tips To Help You Fix Door Sweating

telling the handyman on problems with the refrigeratorIt is difficult to imagine a life without our precious household appliances. Every appliance has a unique place in our life and it is important that all our residential appliances are in perfect condition. The refrigerator is undoubtedly the most hard-working appliance in our home. Even a small problem with the machine can force us to call the refrigerator service technician. However, you don’t have to call your freezer technician when there is a minor problem with the refrigerator. For instance, if the doors of your refrigerator are sweating, you can attempt fridge repair without getting help from a refrigerator repairman. All you have to do is identify the problem part and repair or replace it. Here are some of the parts that can cause door sweating:

Door Gasket

When the door seal is damaged, it can release excess moisture, which is visible near the freezer or ducts of the appliance. Also, when the gasket is damaged, it can prevent the door from closing properly. This can create defrost issues and also affect the cooling power of the fridge. If you notice moisture on the edge of the door, it indicates that the gasket is damaged and must be replaced. You can check the condition of the gasket by pitting a paper on several places of the door. Close the door normally and try to slide out the paper. If the paper slides out without any problem, it indicates that the gasket is defective.

Door Assembly

The door is normally spring loaded that has a rubber seal which prevents air from entering the appliance. If you notice moisture near the dispenser or the bin area, it indicates that the refrigerator door is not closing completely. To troubleshoot the problem, you must inspect the following:

  • The seal
  • Return Spring
  • Hinges
  • Damper
  • Solenoid plunger.

If any of the above listed parts are defected, you must replace it immediately.

Closure Cam Kit

In some modern refrigerators, closer cams on the lower hinges of the door help in closing the door. These cams are made of nylon or hard plastic and have sloped shoulders that converge at the ends. Most refrigerators have two cams – one at the top and the other at the bottom of the refrigerator. If any of these cams are broken, the door may not close properly. This allows warm air to enter the machine which can cause condensation. Also, it may release moisture on the edge of the door. If you notice that the door is not closing properly, you must check the condition of the closure cams. If they are broken or cracked, you must replace them as they cannot be repaired.
Hinge and Bearing

The door of the freezer and fresh food shelf rotate on hinges. The doors, pivot easily on the hinges because they act as bearings and allow the door to move freely on them. If the hinges become dry or worn out, they prevent the doors from closing. When the door is not closed completely, it will allow warm air to enter the machine and cause a moisture problem. An easy way to identify a problem in the hinges is when you hear a thumping or scraping noise when you open or close the door. To solve this problem, you must lubricate the hinges using food safe grease. If that does not help, you may have to replace the hinges.

If you have checked all these parts and you still find moisture at the edges of the door, it is best to get help from a fridge repair expert. Today, there are many reputed companies that will send a refrigeration repair expert to your house to repair or service your appliance. The services of these companies don’t cost a fortune and they can repair your appliance in the shortest possible time.

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