Tips To Maintain Your Major Appliances At Home

Appliances have become an integral part of our life. They have made our lives simpler and easier. However, these appliances can pose significant risks if they are not maintained properly. Regular maintenance of appliances is also necessary if you want to increase the durability of the appliance. Furthermore, proper care will keep the performance of the appliance up to par and will ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently for many, many years.

Checklist for caring for your major home appliances

You don’t have to spend several hours every day to maintain your appliances. Spending a few hours a month, is sufficient to maintain the appliances. Here are a few tips to help you improve the safety and health of your home’s appliances.

Kitchen Appliance Care

Maintaining your kitchen appliance is likely to make a big difference in your home, as these machines are used quite often. You should keep the kitchen appliances clean and follow the instruction manual when you use them. If there is a major problem in the appliance, you must get professional help to repair the appliance. However, minor problems can be repaired quickly and easily without professional help.

If the gas appliance does not work, you should check for problems in the pilot light. Read the manufacturer’s instruction on how to safely relight the pilot. If the burner of the electric stove is not working, they can be easily replaced. When using your dishwasher, make sure it is a full load of dishes before you start using it. This will not reduce your water and energy bills, but will also extend the life of the machine. The normal functions of the freezer can get affected if there is too much frost. If the frost is more than 1 cm thick, it is time to defrost the freezer. If the flames of your gas stove are any other color apart from blue, it is an indication that it is not working at full efficiency.

Maintaining Laundry Room Appliances

Like any other appliance, proper care and maintenance is essential to improve the performance and efficiency of laundry machines. If the hose of washing machine is old and worn out, you can replace them with tough metal hoses. If you hear a rattling sound when your washing machine or clothes dyer runs, it may require some leveling. To reduce your energy bills, you should lower the water temperature to warm when washing and cold when rinsing. You must clean the lint trap before you start using the dryer. This will save energy and make the clothes dry faster. You must clean the exhaust vent of the dryer at least once a year. If debris and lint accumulate under the dryer, it could become a fire hazard. Also, make sure the vent opens when the dryer is on and closes when you switch-off the laundry dryer.

Safe Use of Electricity

Caring for the appliances does not mean caring for the unit alone. You must also take care of the power source when using an appliance. Avoid using an extension cord to power large appliances. Also, make sure all the connections of the extension cord are secure and the cord is the appropriate size for your needs. If the appliance has stopped working, you can test the outlet using a radio or lamp. Avoid storing solvents, paints, and other flammable chemicals near appliances with a pilot light.

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