General Tips For Installing & Repairing Home Appliances

After buying a new household appliance, just some considerations before doing the Appliance Installation can ensure that subsequent repairs or maintenance are far less cumbersome. There are some general and appliance specific rules that homeowners must follow when installing an appliance.

General Rules

The appliance you install must be easily removable for servicing and repairs. Using flexible hookups for gas ranges and dishwashers can make repairs less labor intensive. When installing electric appliances like Cooktops and wall ovens, you should leave some extra electric cable. This will make the technicians’ job easier and reduce the repair cost. Also, some appliance repair tips every homeowner should know will help in solving simple problems with your appliances without professional help. Also, check the quality of the appliance you buy. The cost of installing an expensive appliance will usually be more than the installation cost of a less expensive appliance.

kitchen appliances

Check the power requirements of the appliance before installing it. Most home appliances require a 120-voltage line, so make sure the voltage of the existing wiring does not exceed 120 volts. On the other hand, some heavy electrical equipment and major appliances require 220-volt current. So make the necessary upgrades to the existing wiring to 220 volts to handle these heavy equipments and appliances.

Wall Ovens

If you are planning to fix a wall oven that is below the level of the countertop, be aware that kids could suffer from burn injuries if they touch the oven. Most wall ovens don’t conform to the typical temperature standards of regular ovens. This is because wall ovens are designed to be fixed above the kitchen counter.


If the floor of your kitchen is titled, make sure you fix the tiles beneath the dishwasher so that they are levelled. If you are unable to fix the tiles below the dishwasher, at least raise the flooring below the dishwasher to the same height as the other areas of the kitchen. If the dishwasher is placed below the floor level, it will become difficult to remove the dishwasher for repairs and servicing. The only option you have is to lift the whole countertop, which is a needless expense.

Washing Machine

Most washing machines available in the marketplace should be used on solid concrete floors. If you are planning to install it on a wooden floor, you may require extra joist bracing to eliminate deflection and squeaking. You could strengthen the extra wooden floor by placing a 1’’ plywood section beneath the machine. This will distribute the weight of washer over a larger area and reduce the risk of damage.

When you install a washing machine, you must ensure that water shut-offs can be easily reached. A floor drain may be needed if the water motor or pump fails.


Refrigerators that come with forced air condensers are the only models that can be built in. The models that come with static condensers may not be able to dissipate heat if they are used in this application. This can affect cooling efficiency and damage the compressor. You can identify the forced air models by checking the compressor compartment. The compartment will usually have a fan that is used to control the air flow.

When you connect the ice maker to a water line, you should leave extra tubing behind the fridge. This will make it easy to repair and maintain the appliance. Also, use copper pipe for tubing, as it is more durable. Avoid plastic tubing as it can become brittle when exposed to the heat from the compressor.

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