What You Need To Know About Dryer Drum Repair Problems?

Dryers have several different motors and components and what most technicians will refer to as a self-contained machine.  The biggest part of the dryer is the dryer drum and rightfully so as it is the actual container that you put your wet laundry in when you are starting the drying process of doing your laundry.  If anything goes wrong with the drum, then it could be hard for the drum to turn or turn at all and as a result your clothes will take a lot longer to dry and the other components of your dryer will be straining to function properly.  In order to get your laundry to dry as fast as possible and to protect your dryer from damage, you need to know what some of the most common dryer problem symptoms are.  As well as you should know what actions should be taken to get the right appliance repair to fix the problem quickly, this way you can prolong the life of your dryer and save yourself money in the long run.

One of the most common problems that you will experience with a dryer is the thumping sound that it will make while completing the drying cycle.  The dryer uses threaded belts to turn the drum and this belt goes around the entire drum and turns by means of a pulley system.  When the belt starts to stretch out, get frayed or just worn, then you can start to hear loud noises coming from the drum as it turns.  One way that you can check the drum for problems is to manually turn the drum from the inside of the dryer while it is off.  If you notice that you can easily turn the drum, then that would mean that the belt is worn out and it will need to be replaced soon.

If you like doing Do-It-Yourself appliance repairs, then you can try to diagnose and fix the problem with your dryer belt on your own.  You can check your dryer repair owner’s manual for instructions on how to take off the service panel so that you can get access to the dryer belt and they should have the instructions in there as well to remove and replace the belt.  If you do not want to attempt dryer repairs yourself, then you can contact a local dryer repairman in your local area that offers the necessary type of appliance repair services.  A dryer repair company can quickly diagnose the problem to see if the belt is the problem and if it is they can quickly fix the problem so that your appliance can be working efficiently again.

Another common clothes dryer repair problem that is drum related has to do with the drum’s motor.  While the drum belt is what turns the drum, it is the motor that gives the belt the power to make this all happen.  You could have a bad drum motor for several reasons such as:

  • You could have a bad switch
  • The bearings could be worn out
  • The motor could need some mechanical lubrication

All these are problems that develop over time, but whenever you notice a problem, you need to fix it right away and you should not have your appliance running with a problem for long periods of time.  When there is a problem with the motor you could hear some strange humming noise during the drying cycle, which is an indication that the motor switch is going bad.  A bad switch could also not make the drum turn as well as it should.  At the first sign of a laundry dryer problem, you should call a good dryer repair technician for assistance.  There are a lot of delicate components that make up the drum’s motor, which is also connected to the power supply of the dryer, this is why it is a good idea to get a professional repair company to fix the problem, as they can do it safely and efficiently which will ensure that you get a long life out of your dryer.

The central part of the dryer is the drum and if a part goes bad, then the machine can’t do its job efficiently, most drum related issues are caused by the drum motor and the drum belt.  When it comes to belt issues, they are normally easy to diagnose and fix if you are familiar with the inner workings of appliances, but if you have a problem with the motor on the other hand, it is best to call a qualified appliance repairman.  To learn more service tips go to Dryer Repair Service.

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