Why Is My Refrigerator Running Longer Than Normal?

A refrigerator is an appliance that is very important in your home and it can be difficult to do without one or when it is not working efficiently. You may experience your fridge running for a longer period of time than normal, which could be skyrocketing your monthly electric bill.

You do not have to worry if your fridge is running for long; we can help you identify the cause since we have a list of all the possible parts that can cause such a situation. This information can be of great benefit since you will learn how to troubleshoot a fridge that is running too long and you will be in a position to identify the part of the refrigerator that is causing the problem so that you can fix it or hire a repair company to do the replacement. You will also be provided with the relevant information on how to install or repair the affected part.

Refrigerator defrost timer

There are different parts of the refrigerator that can cause your fridge to run too long, knowing which part is affected will help to reduce the troubleshooting time spent on your refrigerator. Some of the parts that you need to consider to be the possible causes include the following:

Fresh and freezer door gaskets

When the door seals are damaged, this brings about more moisture and therefore is an indication that the gaskets need to be replaced. For that reason it would be wise to do exactly that, as expected.

Defrost termination thermostat

This is the part located above the evaporator. This is normally used as a safety device for turning off the defrost heater when a specific amount of temperature limit is reached. It can be difficult to check how the thermostat is progressing because it has a lot of wires unless you are assured that the temperatures are low enough to enable a closed circuit.

Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat

Defrost timer

The timer can either be electronic or mechanical. You can use a multi-meter to check the mechanical timers. The defrost timer is found close to the bottom of the fridge behind the kick plate.

Defrost heater

The defrost heater is made of glass, with leads that are well insulated. It is located below the evaporator coils and the defrost timer controls it. The coil of the heater should be checked for continuity using a multi-meter and this should be done when the power is turned off.

The sealed system

This part is comprised of the compressor, condenser and the evaporator. If any of these parts has any defects, this may cause your fridge to run longer than usual. This defect can be solved by seeking the services of a professional refrigeration repair technician.

Evaporator fan motor

This is a very important part of the refrigerator. This is because it draws air through the evaporator coil; the cold air is then circulated to the fresh food stored in the fridge. If the evaporator is not functioning effectively, this can cause the refrigerator to run constantly.

Those are some of the common parts that can cause your fridge not to cool down effectively. Other parts of the fridge can however be faulty and if it becomes difficult to fix it on your own with the information provided, you should seek the assistance of a local appliance repair company.

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