How To Troubleshoot A Broken Dishwasher?

Common Symptoms Of A Broken Dishwasher

Some of the common symptoms of a Broken Dishwasher are listed below. Fixing a dishwasher, which one of the more important home appliances in the house and thankfully, isn’t that hard of a job to do for an experienced repair person and has in fact, been listed as an easy task to do in comparison with some of the other home appliance repair jobs out there. But what if you’d like to assess the damage before the repair takes place? We’re about to help you out as we have listed the most typical dishwasher repair signs that we come across with our customers, along with a percentage of customers who’ve reported the same issue.

 Dishwasher Electronic Control

My dishwasher is noisy (reported by 25% of customers) – it will need to be assessed if there’s rattling around the pump housing and this could potentially mean that there is a worn washer arm bearing.

The machine is leaking (says 23% of all customers) – this could mean that the water inlet valve has failed, or that the door and pump seals have been worn down.

The machine won’t start at all (an issue that affects 18% of all customers) – the key components of the machine, like the thermal fuses, timers, motor relays and door latch switches may not be in the proper working order.

Dishwasher Switch

The door latch won’t operate (11% of all customers get this issue) – the repair company will have to use a door latch kit to fix this type of issue.

The dishes won’t clean correctly (happens to 11% of reported washing machine issues) – this could mean that the water delivery tubes and filters, and the other parts such as the housing gaskets and spray arms need to be replaced.

Will not fill with water or squirt out detergent (2% of all issues are relegated to this) – the water inlet valve and float switch, as well as the wax motor and timer will have to be looked at.


Finally, 1% of all dishwasher issues comes from dishes not drying correctly; this could be directly attributed to the heating element being busted.

And those are some of the more common dishwasher service symptoms.

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